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How we would like to be out on the water but there is work to be done here at Fishing Kayak Review so we had better buckle down and get it done. However would you consider it real work checking out the best the market has to offer and then bring updates to the site Fishing Kayak Review? More like the chance to fantasise about what kayak to get for the new season and then what high quality accessories would we add.

Bringing the info to you and fellow kayakers to look at on fishing kayak review and we trust giving you pointer if you are in the market for anything new yourself. Okay it is not the same as actually doing some kayak fishing but it can set the mind free just thinking about past experiences and adventures still to be had.

This as well as adding value to Fishing Kayak Review and building out the site. Building and enhancing Fishing Kayak Review so that for those people savvy enough to find it the opportunity to uncover just what is really hot at present and the great new products released this year.

To help you navigate to what really interests you we have taken the time to split the fishing kayak review site into the following areas,

Fishing Kayak Review Sections

  • Fishing Kayak Review Recommended Kayaks
  • Fishing Kayak Review Recommended Accessories
  • Fishing Kayak Review Kayaks We Can Not Recommend
  • Fishing Kayak Review Accessories To be Avoided
  • General Interest and other Posts


If you are in the group that are looking to buy new gear, and wouldn’t we all love to be in the group, we trust that by classifying everything under the various categories helps you out. We understand that we all have our own specific brands that we prefer, be it Ocean Kayaks,  Lifetime Kayaks, Old Town Kayaks, Advanced Elements Kayaks or Seattle Sports accessories and that you may not agree with everything we say.

So feel free to shout at the screen and mutter if we do not give whole-hearted recommendations to your favourite brand or we give a good report to a brand that you have had problems with in the past. Fishing Kayak Review can only set out our findings and let you add your own specific interpretation of just what makes the best kayak or accessory for you.

After all it would be really dull if we all went for the same product. As with many things we do not always agree, in fact on certain days I prefer one kayak over another and it can be just that I am trying to do something different.

We are here to give you some groundwork, to cut out the real rubbish or to highlight the price ranges of different products in order to allow you to quickly get down to a high quality short list. A list that suits you and does not by any means need to be in total agreement with the ratings of Fishing Kayak Review.

That is enough preambles please feel free to jump right in and see what the rest of the site is about. We understand that in these busy times many of us wish to come to the right conclusion sooner rather than later. This is a big plus if you are just killing some brief moments before you can get back out on the water and have fun. We know that here at Fishing Kayak Review we would really to buy the right kayak for us get it properly fitted out and get out there doing some fine fishing from the kayak.

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